The company started at the beginning of the 19th century with the production of bronze nozzles and pumps. After the Second World War the company began specialising in rescue and fire fighting vehicles for airports and industrial installations. Since then the company has earned worldwide renown for the efficiency and reliability of their airport crashtenders.

A great variety of Kronenburg M.A.C.'s (Major Airport Crash trucks) is currently being used in many countries to provide rapid response in case of disaster. During the last half century M.A.C. fire fighting trucks have gained a solid reputation for being reliable, durable and versatile. Efficient performance in the field is the number one priority in the design process.


Other systems are currently being developed such as a pilot rescue platform and a decontamination system.'

For that reason Kronenburg aims to gather as much practical knowledge and information as possible from the experiences of the firefighters who work with their trucks on a daily basis. Because of the diverse nature of their customer base Kronenburg has developed a flexible production process which allows them to build fire fighting vehicles according to the specific demands of each end user.

Recently, the company has moved all production to a new, state-of-the-art facility. This enables Kronenburg to continue with the development of their products and to keep innovating as they have been doing for more than a century. The first results of these changes can be seen at the international Interschutz convention in Leipzig, Germany. The latest model in the successful M.A.C. line of airport fire fighting trucks will be presented there.

The new M.A.C

Several different versions of the new Kronenburg M.A.C. will be taken into production. Depending on the preferences of the clients the model can be based on a 4x4, 6x6 or 8x8 chassis.

The GRP superstructure and cabin are fully customisable and a wide variety of fire fighting systems is available. For example water, foam, Dry Chemical Powder systems, CO2, Ultra High Pressure systems. And that is just a small selection of the available options. Other systems are currently being developed such as a pilot rescue platform and a decontamination system. Special attention was given to the design of the crew cab with regards to fast accessibility, the safety of the crew and storage room for the equipment.

The self supporting body and cabin are made out of GRP (Glass fibre Reinforced Polyester). A composite material that is not only fire resistant and corrosion proof. It also weighs less than any conventional material which results in improved acceleration and maneuverability for the vehicle.

And the shock absorbing nature of the highly durable material provides a safety buffer for the crew in case of any collisions. Any damage to the bodywork is easily repaired and these repairs can be done locally at relatively low costs. All cabins and superstructures have been tested and approved by official institutions and are ISO9001 approved.

‘besides their successful airport crashtenders Kronenburg is also known for being one of the leading manufacturers of mobile fire fighting equipment...'  

Repair and Refurbishment

In general, all Kronenburg vehicles are specifically designed to allow easy access to major components such as engines, drivelines, pumps and proportioning systems. Kronenburg also provides a Product Support Service which includes a team of engineers that stands by to fly anywhere in the world to assist the end user in case any repairs or upgrades need to be performed.

Besides designing and producing new trucks Kronenburg also has a Refurbishment Program which provides midlife updates for all Kronenburg vehicles. This program has been successfully executed for several air forces and civilian airports. Trucks that have been in active service for a while are rebuild and upgraded at the Kronenburg facilities and are returned to the customer in a state that assures another 15 years of operation.

For 40-60% of the costs that would be made buying a new truck the used vehicle can be completely refurbished and updated.

Future Developments

The company's sales strategy is aimed at several different markets. Besides their successful airport crashtenders Kronenburg is also known for being one of the leading
manufacturers of mobile fire fighting equipment for petro and chemical industries. The company offers a complete range of specialised vehicles that provide an efficient
protection at industrial installations all over the world.

Many Kronenburg vehicles have been adapted to the specific practices and standards of multinational oil companies and contractors. Kronenburg has also developed and produced a wide range of municipal and urban fire trucks in various sizes and configurations which are currently in active use. Fire brigades around the globe use these reliable and durable vehicles to rapidly respond to incidents in small communities as well as in the world's largest cities.

To keep up with the growing international demand for Kronenburg products the company is expanding its activities. Branches in the US and the UK are being established in order to provide better and faster service to the local markets. Kronenburg can look back on a rich history in which the company plays a leading role in the world of fire fighting and judging by the recent developments it will continue to do so for a long time

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